We couldn't have asked for a better DJ! he set the perfect
          mood for our wedding, Just brilliant - Jamie, WAGGA

They came to my house to talk to me and help guide me
          through the process of my wedding day - Jodie, WAGGA

They were the perfect choice for our wedding, they were
               courteous and friendly - Sophie and Peter, WAGGA

Nightmoves fulfilled every request I had, the DJ was great!
      All our guests agreed they were amazing - Kelly, WAGGA


This page is here to cover common questions that you may have in relation to your event.

Can I bring some of my own CDs for the DJ to play at the event?

Yes. If you have any CDs from your own collection that you’d like to hear you are welcome to bring them along for the DJ to play. Just remember that it is your responsibility to collect them at the end of the event.

Do you DJ on Laptop, CD Player or Vinyl?

We DJ on Laptops and Vinyl. We ensure we make the party by being able to cater for all requests.

Does the smoke machine affect people with asthma?

No. The smoke machine is not actually smoke at all, it is a specially designed, odourless liquid vapour, designed to add effect to the lighting. This vapour is totally harmless to people who may suffer from asthma.

Does the DJ have a microphone?

Yes. All our DJs carry a microphone for speeches and announcements.

Do we need to provide anything for the DJ?

Yes. A floor space of approximately 3 X 2 metres, two or more power outlets & a small table is required.

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